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About Us

Welcome to the Turning Point Center. We’re a peer recovery organization, and we are here for you!

Every member of our staff is in recovery themselves or has been intimately impacted through a loved one. We understand Substance Use Disorder and alcoholism, and know that recovery is possible. We will listen, help you make an achievable recovery plan, and connect you with the right resources. Our services and programs are completely free and 100% confidential.
While we don’t offer therapy or treatment directly, we will provide you with something just as important—clarity and support. We’ll help you map out a recovery plan that’s clear, achievable, and just right for you. Then we’ll support you as you drive your own healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me overcome addiction?

Our peer coaches will work with you to develop a personal plan based on where you are in your recovery journey. You’ll know what you need to do, where you need to go, and when you need to be there. If other factors like housing or transportation are a stumbling block, we’ll help you solve those problems too.

Are you a treatment center?

No, but we will refer you to the right treatment center if you need one.

What types of addiction do you offer help for?

We help with every type of Substance Use Disorder whether it be street drugs, prescribed medicines, or alcohol.

Will Turning Point staff understand what I am going through?

Every member of our staff has either been through recovery themselves or helped a loved one through recovery. That experience has been enriched by the hundreds of people that we help each year who are seeking recovery.

I’m concerned about being seen when I stop by the Turning Point Center.

We’re located on a quiet floor in a building filled with many businesses and services. Your privacy is important to us!

I’ve relapsed more than once. Can you still help me?

Recovery isn’t easy, and relapse happens. We’ll help you re-focus on achievable goals and make progress. We’ll support you every step of the way.

Is Turning Point for families and friends too?

Yes. We coach families who are struggling and want to be supportive of a family member. We also provide harm reduction kits that include Narcan (opioid reversal). And we welcome personal referrals from our clients.

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