Valerie Dwyer ~ Operations Manager

As a volunteer of the Turning Point Center you are an integral part of the overall mission of Bennington County's only recovery center. Out Recovery Center is founded on the premise of providing "peer~to~peer" recovery support services. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to help people from your community who are on a lifelong journey of staying clean and sober. Your commitment to support our visitors is life giving and greatly appreciated.

Volunteering at the TPC makes it possible to provide a productive, safe, and engaging outlet for those in recovery. Successful relationships between a volunteer and a person in recovery help to instill a sense of accomplishment and pride for both individuals.

Please stop by for more information on volunteering.

Why volunteer?

  • Promote social growth

  • Unite people from diverse backgrounds

  • Strengthen the community

  • Give back

  • Reduce stress and depression through helping others

  • Learn new skills

  • Explore career interests

  • Build your resume

  • Make a difference!


Internships are available for local college students.  All internships are unpaid and should be previously coordinated with the student's college for academic credit. Contact the Director of the center to set up an interview at

Community Service

Since Turning Point is a non-profit organization, time volunteered at the center can also count as community service. Contact us at for more information. Whatever your schedule looks like, we can always use your help!