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Recovery Often Requires a Combination of Resources.

Turning Point partners with organizations and agencies that provide medication assisted treatment (MAT), mental health services, housing solutions, and more. You recovery coach will connect you with the right services for you based on your needs and where you live. Our focus is on helping you succeed.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Research has shown that the use of FDA-approved medications (such as methadone, Suboxone, and Subutex) combined with therapy, can successfully treat and maintain recovery from Substance Use Disorder. Since MAT uses a “whole-patient” approach it takes into consideration and addresses other health issues that may be contributing to an individual’s opiate use. Turning Point partners with the healthcare agencies shown below. We will help you determine whether MAT is the right choice for you, and connect you with the right treatment center.

Click on the images below to access more information about each organization.

Spectrum Health Systems
Savida Health

Mental Health Services

Individuals suffering from drug or alcohol dependency often have other conditions such as depression and anxiety. Sometimes mental health issues are a result of substance abuse, and sometimes substance abuse is an attempt to alleviate mental health symptoms. Turning Point partners with local mental health agencies and will help you get the services that will best meet your needs.

Click on the images below to access more information about each organization.

United Counseling Service

Housing Resources

If you need housing, Turning Point can help. We partner with local housing agencies (including senior housing facilities) and maintain a local landlord list. Once you’re settled in we can help you obtain affordable internet service which will be necessary for tele-health visits and on-line meetings.

Click on the images below to access more information.

Pathways Vermont
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