Our Mission

To help people find, maintain and enhance their recovery experience through peer support and substance free recreation and educational opportunities.

What We Do ...

  • Welcome all people and families whether in or seeking recovery from the effects of addictions.

  • Offer one-to-one recovery coaching for individuals wanting to work on the development and implementation of a recovery wellness plan.

  • Connect people to appropriate community resources.

  • Provide educational groups, designed to assist individuals in early recovery, as well as empower them in their on-going recovery experiance.

  • Host 12 step meetings and other recovery oriented groups.

  • Support, provide, and encourage substance-free recreation and socializing.

  • Provide opportunities to help others by volunteering at the center.

  • Offer opportunities for involvement at a social, political and community level - bringing voices and visibility to recovery.

Our Goal ...

During our many years of service as a resource and life enhancement center, there has been a notable upsurge in the need for such a place. Our immediate goal is to increase staffing and programming to better serve the Bennington County community.

Our goal also includes outreach to residents of our county to inform them of our services offered and evidence based effectiveness. As the need increases to provide these services, lets join together and begin to make significant differences in our lives and the lives of those we love.

We invite all residents to stop by anytime. Meet our wonderful staff and volunteers. See firsthand the "place where good things happen". If you prefer, call us, and we will come talk with you and your group about how we might help.

What we are ...

Turning Point is a safe place individuals and families struggling with effects of alcohol and other drug abuse, addiction or addictive behaviors can find fellowship and support amount peers. Peer support is effective and sustainable. Our efforts are inclusive and we focus on the positives of recovery while supporting people at various stages of their own recovery path. Recovery is for a lifetime and our support is ongoing throughout their journey.

What we are not ...

Today, there is a clear understanding that addiction is a chronic disease. Treatment plays an important role, helping people move into the recovery phase of life. The Recovery Center is not a treatment center, rehab, outpatient treatment facility, halfway house or hospital.

It's a known fact ...

The behaviors of an actively addicted person negatively affect many people, such as family, friends and coworkers.

The Reverse also rings true ...

The positive effects of transforming one's life in recovery radiates out positively, effecting the lives of those around them.

Once the individual is prepared to give up their substance abuse, the most amazing things can begin to happen in their life. Giving up alcohol or drugs is usually just the first of many changes that will need to take place in order to build a successful life in sobriety.