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Our Services And Programs

Want to know the best thing about Turning Point’s services? They work!

We provide confidential individual peer-to-peer coaching for wherever you are on your recovery journey. We also offer wellness programs that can help you stay physically and mentally healthy. And if you’ve lost your driving privileges, our Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP/Crash) can help you get reinstated. We also offer family coaching, and harm reduction education and kits.

One on One Recovery Coaching

We offer one-on-one peer recovery coaching by staff who are either in recovery or have been impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder.

Our coaches will help you:

  • Find ways to stop addictive behaviors

  • Find the right resources to help you make progress

  • Make progress toward your life goals

  • Gain personal insights and better self-awareness

  • Celebrate your successes


Family Coaching

When a family is impacted by a member’s Substance Use Disorder, they can feel helpless, angry, and confused. Turning Point offers family coaching that can:

  • Give you deeper understanding of what your family member is going through

  • Offer you ways to establish healthy boundaries and work through the confusion

  • Help you develop a plan to maintain family strength, support your loved one, and know what is beyond your control to manage

  • Support you with education, resources, and genuine caring


Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP/Crash)

If you’ve lost your driving privileges our IDRP/Crash program can help you regain them. The process
has four simple steps:

  • Apply for the program

  • Complete a drug/alcohol screening

  • Complete a class

  • Have a successful exit interview

A member of or staff can give you more information and help you get started.



Because Substance Use Disorder impacts your physical and emotional wellbeing, we offereducation and programs that help you stay strong and centered. Your peer recovery coach willwork with you to ensure wellness is part of your ongoing plan.

Harm Reduction

We provide education on harm reduction, and offer free Harm Reduction Kits that include NARCAN(Naloxone). NARCAN is a rescue drug that reverses the effects of heroin or other opiate overdose. If you know someone at risk of an overdose consider carrying NARCAN, available free at the TurningPoint Center.Stop by our office to obtain free harm reduction kits.

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