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Meet Our Staff

Margae Diamond, Executive Director

Margae Diamond

I grew up in Bennington and moved back here in 2020. I was named Executive Director of Turning Point Center, Bennington in July of 2022. I am a certified recovery coach and a passionate advocate for those seeking and in recovery. After graduating from The University of Vermont I spent 30 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, and studied at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. My work included helping a wide variety of nonprofits & NGO's with strategy and development. I also spent 13 years at Charles Schwab, leading business development for their National Donor Advised Fund, Schwab Charitable. Last year I served as co-chair of Bennington’s Community Police Advisory Board Taskforce. I’m honored to be serving as TPC’s Executive Director.


Michael Kuser, ED Supervisor

Michael Kuser

Before stepping into the job of Assistant Director, I served as secretary and treasurer on TPC’s board of directors. I am a lifelong journalist and writer and have been in recovery since 1995. I have been a long-time champion of 12-step and other treatments for alcoholism and substance use disorder. In 2020 I earned my master’s degree in Consciousness Studies from Goddard College. I have studied the history of alcoholism and addiction in America, and understand the importance of self-care for people in recovery, including Recovery Coaches themselves. I am thrilled to be working with our amazing staff and clients.


Kiana Pierce, Administrative  Assistant / Recovery Coach

ED Recovery Coach

Kiana Pierce

I am in recovery and am excited to be working as a peer recovery coach for Bennington Turning Point. I bring a unique perspective to my work. I suffered from substance abuse disorder and mental illness on and off for many years. I developed a plan for recovery and worked on my mental and physical health to get me to a place of wellness. Working in a recovery environment every day helps me maintain that wellness. I truly believe recovery is possible for us all!


Heidi Moore, ED Recovery Coach

Heidi Moore

I was born and raised here in Vermont, and came back to this beautiful state because it’s my home. I am a mom to an amazing teenaged son. I am also in long-term recovery for alcohol addiction. Being in recovery helps me listen and guide people on their own recovery journeys, whatever that looks like to them. That is the most important part of what I do—seeing clients learn and grow into the people they always knew they could be. I recently obtained my certification to provide recovery coaching in the Emergency Department at our hospital, which is equally rewarding to me. My goal as a recovery coach is to help clients discover how beautiful and rewarding life can be in recovery.


Marcel Holland, ED Recovery Coach

Marcel Holland

I was born in the northeast and have lived here all of my life. I am in long-term recovery and work as a certified recovery coach and an emergency department recovery coach. My own recovery journey has been transformative. I have worked on having healthier relationships, attaining emotional sobriety, and evolving spiritually. I am grateful for the opportunity to sit, listen, and guide others in their path to recovery.


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Ralph Bennett CRC/ED

I was born in Bennington and moved back here in 1992. I’m in long-term recovery, and chose 12-step programming as my path. I started volunteering at the Turning Point after retiring from a company that I worked 26 years for. I have since become a certified emergency department recovery coach and a family coach, and I truly love what I do. My approach is to try to help people by meeting them wherever they are in their recovery journey, with no judgment. I’ve found active listening to be a powerful way to help others. Based on my experience with clients and their needs, I’m an active proponent of recovery housing, and am grateful to be part of the team that is moving forward with plans to open a recovery house here in Bennington.

Meet TURNING POINT’S board of directors

Wendy Lawrence, RTR, Board President
Phil Steadman, Board Vice- President
James Green, Board Member
Trey Dobson, MD, Board Member
Kristi Pepoon, LCSW, LADC, Board Member
Moira Spivey, Board Member

Wendy Lawrence, RTR

I am the President of TPC’s board of directors, and am also on the board of Recovery Partners of Vermont. Addiction hits close to home for me. I’m an active member of Al-Anon, and was a guest speaker
at their state convention. I have been an activist in Substance Use Disorder and recovery since 2012. I serve as the Director of Cardiology Clinical Services for GE Healthcare, and have worked in the
healthcare field since 2003. I graduated magna cum laude from NOVA College in Virginia. I believe that that peer coaching is one of the most effective ways to support people through their recovery journey,
and am honored to be a part of the Turning Point Center of Bennington.

Phil Steadman

I’m the Vice-President of the TPC board of directors and the senior pastor at Capstone Baptist Church in North Bennington. My decision to pursue a career in ministry was made partly in response to a coworker’s struggle with addiction and untimely death. My wife Dawn and I have fostered 36 children and adopted 9, all of whom came from families with histories of alcohol or drug abuse. I graduated with an MDIV in pastoral ministry from MidAmerica Baptist Theological Seminary in 2007. I live in North Bennington, and also serve as an adjunct professor at Bennington’s North Eastern Baptist College. I’m excited to be a part of Turning Point Center.

James Green


I am the Managing Director of Alarian Associates and bring over 30 years of executive business experience in the environmental sector to TPC’s board. As a CEO I have grown small start-ups into successful, permanent enterprises. As a COO and CFO I have helped numerous companies integrate their operations to better achieve their operational and financial goals. I received my undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Clark University and my master’s degree in medicinal chemistry from Northeastern University. I also attended the SUNY Buffalo Business School. I am glad to be providing both my business expertise and my knowledge of the chemistry of drugs and alcohol to help Turning Point, its clients, and their families.

Trey Dobson, MD

I am an emergency medicine physician with Dartmouth Health and serves as Chief Medical Officer for Southwestern Vermont
Medical Center in Bennington, Vermont. I am also an instructor of emergency medicine at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine and
a member of the board of trustees of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. I served as a past president of the Vermont Medical
Society and currently sit on their governance council. I strongly believe in building bridges between stakeholders. That’s why my focus is on creating collaboration between healthcare, business, education, and government to address Substance Use Disorder and alcoholism. I earned my medical degree at The University of Tennessee and completed my residency in emergency medicine at the University of Virginia.

Kristi Pepoon, LCSW, LADC

I own and run Shirkshire Counseling, a private mental health practice specializing in substance abuse and trauma that offers individual counseling. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the State of Vermont, and have over 20 years of direct social service experience. I graduated from UNE with my master’s degree in social work in 2015, and have trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Because of my work both with clients and as a community advocate, I bring treatment experience, as well as expertise on helping clients gain access to resources.

Moira Spivey

Moira graduated from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island with a degree in Social Work. Following her career as a medical social worker she became an owner of a community care home in Manchester Village, Vermont, specializing in elder care. She later worked as a social service resource provider in various medical practices. Moira has many strong connections to the Northshire communities. She is the president of the Northshire
Rescue Squad and is a sales agent affiliated with Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty based out of the Manchester office. Moira is an attentive listener and a heartfelt advocate for those seeking recovery.

Patricia Johnson, Board Member

Patricia N. Johnson

I hold two positions at the Southwestern Vermont Health
Center: one as an Emergency Department Nurse and the
other as a Blueprint Spoke Nurse supporting those with
Substance Use Disorders. I was recently appointed to serve
as a member of the Vermont Health Equity Advisory
Commission and am on the board of directors of ACT. I hold
an associate degree in nursing from Vermont Technical
College, a bachelor’s in criminal justice from Southern
Vermont College, and a master’s in leadership management
from Springfield College.

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